Homes where God’s love transforms lives.

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Ruth Harbor Maternity Home is a home for young women (up to age 23) facing an unplanned pregnancy. Here, you’ll find relief from many of life’s pressures while you walk through life’s challenges. Ruth Harbor provides security and safety in a loving, family-style home. Housing, food, and transportation are provided, giving you the support you need to work and save for your future or pursue educational and career opportunities. 

While at Ruth Harbor, you’ll receive excellent prenatal care and nutritional meals that are essential to your health and the health of your baby. You’ll also receive weekly Christ-centered counseling and information on both parenting and adoption options. Your family and the father of your baby may be included in counseling, when appropriate. 

Daily lessons will provide information to help you prepare for the future for you and your baby. The education provided during your stay will include prenatal care and nutrition, childbirth, parenting, adoption, financial planning and budgeting, and building healthy relationships. You will earn points for completing lessons that can be used to buy baby items, clothing, or household items.

To help you be successful in the future, you’ll learn household management skills, employment skills, and personal goal setting. You’ll be included in family activities such as cookouts, games, family outings and church.

1. Interested applicants are invited to fully complete this application (PDF) and either fax to 515-633-2157 or mail to Ruth Harbor, 534 42nd Street, Des Moines, IA 50312
2. Part of the application process includes running a background check
3. Interview with the Program Manager
4. Potential tour of the House

Contact us today and inquire how you can become a resident at Ruth Harbor, or learn more about Resident Life or browse the Frequently Asked Questions.
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Homes where God’s love transforms lives.

Ruth Harbor Ministries
534 42nd Street
Des Moines, IA 50312
Phone: 515-279-4661
Fax: 515-633-2157
M-F 8:30 AM-5 PM