3 NEW births to celebrate! 1 set of twin boys and 1 girl were recently delivered safely.

Admissions are up; Des Moines Home is at capacity, 2 new residents admitted to Carlisle.

The privilege to provide housing for 2 separate young moms living in their cars with a child.

Engaged community at Lutheran Church of Hope’s annual “Taste of Hope” event.

Ankeny Free Church donated a generous amount of Wish List items (link).

A new church partner has committed to a significant contribution.

An anonymous impact gift was received recently.

Dozens of cookies, donated by Crumbl Cookies were enjoyed by our homes & office.

Carlisle House Parents, Matthew & Casey, replenishing on a sabbatical through mid-August.

Leadership staff visited another maternity home to learn/review programming and operations.

Another staff member has fully recovered from COVID without others contracting it.

Some staff enjoyed vacation time this summer and have returned safely.

Banquet planning is underway with enthusiasm over a special theme. Some initial commitments have already been made to underwrite the event.


A former resident is pregnant and seeking an abortion. Staff as they engage in conversation.

Urgent Staffing needs (link) – House Parent Assistant & Back Up House Parents.

For our 2 new moms as they heal and adjust to motherhood, as well as 2 new dads who are actively engaged in support. Current employment search by one dad.

A perspective Mother-Child Resident planning to move in soon.

For our new residents to transition smoothly to life in our homes.

Maternity residents considering placing their babies for adoption.

A former resident is having car problems and will need a more reliable vehicle.

Good health for our current residents, babies, and staff.

Transition discussions and work for Mark and Chris Eller.

Volunteer needs (link): drivers.

Wisdom and unity as understaffed team delivers programming to young women in need.

God’s financial provision for operations and to meet needs of residents and their children.

Recruitment of banquet underwriters and table hosts for our Nov. 10 fundraising banquet.