New growth and development of our residents.

We have again reached full capacity and a waiting list for the Carlisle home has begun.

After 14 years, a resident has been reunited with her birth-mother, brother, and sister.

A resident received a paid, 2-month internship that provides CNA certification and placement.

A couple has accepted an offer to be our House Parents at the Carlisle home.

As part of their corporate team-building, a group provided gift baskets to each of our residents.

Gabus Automotive Group selected RH as 1 of 4 charities that will receive financial donations from sales for the month of July.

Two student groups completed several inside and outdoor projects.

A group of individuals have volunteered to organize donations on a monthly basis.

We have been notified that we will receive over $800 through the Great Iowa Treasure Hunt.

A beautiful Amish oak table and 8 chairs were donated to our Des Moines home.

A volunteer continues to care for the lawn at the Carlisle home until house parents move in.

A sprinkler system has been approved for installation into the Carlisle home.

Several staff members are having opportunities to enjoy a few days of needed vacation.

A faithful member of our RH prayer team received good news following cancer surgery.



Newer residents as they transition and continue to adapt to group living.

A newborn at Ruth Harbor is recovering from bronchiolitis.

That the hearts of our residents will be transformed as they seek life change and growth.

One of our residents continues to look for a job.

One of our residents is juggling summer school and looking for a job.

Our House Parents as they manage the many schedules of a house at full capacity.

Health concerns for Madi, our House Parents’ daughter.

Aimee, our office manager, and her family are grieving the sudden loss of her mother.

Our new House Parent Assistant, Alyssa, as she deepens relationships with our residents.

Safety as staff members have opportunity to go on vacation and be refreshed.

Faster progress/favor desired from authorities for approval and readying of the Carlisle home.

Continued patience as we await the certification process with the State of Iowa.

Staff as they engage and work with new team members; for continued unity and effectiveness.