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Ruth Harbor’s first focus to help young women with unplanned pregnancies and programming originally culminated with the baby’s birth. Since the challenges of an unplanned pregnancy don’t end when the baby is born, we have begun a new program for young women with small children. Through this we will live more fully into our mission for positive life change by expanding the comprehensive services and programs to continue beyond pregnancy to now include young moms and their babies.

Program Overview
Designed for women up to age 23 with babies up to 12 months of age when entering, the Mother-Child programming includes not only a safe home in which to live, but many other supports such as professional counseling, coaching on parenting skills, and additional life skills that build off the relationship development, counseling, assistance in education/employment/volunteering, and medical care guidance our maternity residents receive.

Ruth Harbor’s Mother-Child program is designed as a residence program where mothers and their children live in the house along with maternity residents. Individualized care plans are developed for each mother and her child. Full-time House Parents provide guidance and coaching. Our Counselor provides mentoring. Many meals are prepared and eaten family-style, with everyone in the house contributing. Residents prepare for the future and are supported in securing employment and childcare so they can provide and care for their child.

Application Process
  1. Interested applicants are invited to fully complete this application (PDF) and either fax to 515-633-2157 or mail to Ruth Harbor, 534 42nd Street, Des Moines, IA 50312
  2. Part of the application process includes running a background check
  3. Interview with Program Manager
  4. Potential tour of the House

Learn More
  • Call our office at 515-279-4661 to schedule an application interview or to ask any questions you may have.
  • Or send us an email:
  • Download the Mother-Child Program Handbook for Residents (PDF)

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Homes where God’s love transforms lives.

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