Christ-centered homes & programs for pregnant and parenting young moms.

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Ruth Harbor Ministries FAQ’s

Yes, we call these visits Home Passes.  If your family is a safe and positive influence, and it fits your Care Plan, you will be able to spend up to two weekends with family a month.
Yes. Ruth Harbor provides you with food, but if there is specific food outside of what we offer you may purchase in the community with your own money or benefits. 
We provide transportation for you.  If you have a car you may bring it if it is licensed, insured, and you have a valid driver’s license. Any traffic violations need to be paid off before driving your own vehicle. We provide education on how to use public transportation as well.
Day Passes and weekend Home Passes can be requested if the relationships are healthy and safe. 
We strongly encourage safe and healthy relationships!  If he wants to be a part of you and your baby’s lives he must first meet with our counselor.  After this first step we can discuss times for you to see him.
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Earn While You Learn (EWYL) is an educational system we use to help you learn more about pregnancy, parenting, life skills, and more. Once you complete each lesson you earn Ruth Harbor Bucks, which can be used to purchase items from our “store.” We have lots of baby items to earn such as cribs, car seats, swings, clothes, diapers, and household items for an apartment.
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Christ-centered homes & programs
for pregnant and parenting young moms.

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