A Christ-centered home & programs for young moms who are facing unplanned pregnancies or parenting young children.

Ruth Harbor Resident /Alumni

Alumni Quotes:

Becca – “I’m really thankful for all the help I received throughout my stay at Ruth Harbor. I’m really happy that I came to Ruth. They helped me grow in so many ways as a young woman. I learned so many things I never knew. I’m really sad my time at Ruth Harbor is up. I’m really going to miss all the staff who’ve been here for me. I just want to say a big, big thank you to everyone at Ruth!”

Erin – “I didn’t have anywhere else to go. I used to live on the street and my mom’s house wasn’t working out. Then I came to Ruth Harbor and received help getting the things I needed for my son. I loved hanging out with the staff and the other girls. Ruth Harbor is a very loving home.”

Ashley – “I’m thankful there is always somebody to talk with at Ruth Harbor. Before I came here, I didn’t have a stable home. I was battling with lots of stress and just needed extra help and support. Then I came to Ruth Harbor and found there are others who are just like me with a similar story. While here, I got help looking at all my options. I basically got all kinds of help I needed.”

Sammie – “Ruth Harbor helped me become the best mom I could be. My self-esteem is much better and since I left Ruth Harbor I am now happily married and working. I am completely off public assistance now and am paying rent to my host family. Ruth Harbor helped me figure out how to choose better friends. I appreciate everything Ruth Harbor has done.”

Ashley – “I was newly sober from drug abuse and on parole when I found out I was pregnant. I had no car and no money and my family relationships were broken. At Ruth Harbor I found the perfect structure I needed, with guidelines and rules, to help affirm my progress and work on my relationships with my mom and baby’s father. Today I have a job with career growth and reestablished relationships with my family. The big difference Ruth Harbor provided was giving me opportunity to succeed. You may think structure is not needed, but you find that it really does help!”

Lilia – "Ruth Harbor was a divine intervention by God. I grew up going to church which in the end led me to a place at Ruth Harbor where I could be supported through the hardest time of my life. I became pregnant by someone else’s decision that I was not a part of, and chose to go through with the pregnancy. During the summer, for the sake of myself and the baby I was carrying, I needed a safer place to stay than with my own family. My journey led me to Ruth Harbor and I was a little scared at first because I wanted to be around familiar people that were going to be by my side at all times. Little did I know Ruth Harbor became more than that for me. It became a place where I called home. Everyone from the house parents to the staff were there for me with support, encouragement, a shoulder to cry on, etc. I will never forget my experience at Ruth Harbor that taught me so much.”

Ashley – “While at Ruth Harbor I had my ups and downs, but the whole point was to teach me. Yes, I will admit there were times where I just wanted to give up and quit. But I didn’t, because I knew that I had nowhere to go and I knew I wouldn’t be able or ready to do it by myself. I consider the house parents like the mom and dad I never had because they stuck by me through thick and thin and my ups and downs. Through all of this we have become very close like a family.”

Chloe – "Ruth Harbor changed my life. Without them I don’t know where I would be in life or with my family, but I don’t think it would be good. They gave my family and me a place we could come together and talk. They helped open my eyes to see that my life was not as bad as I was thinking.

I decided that I could get through this and make a home for my baby and me. They helped me through all of it – the good times of hearing the baby heart beat to the day that my son came into my life. We talked about the pain of having a baby and sometimes stayed up at night talking about what it will take to do this.

Even years later, Ruth Harbor still keeps in touch with me. I still cry every time I talk about Ruth Harbor to someone. They just did so much. I say that they are my ‘second family.’”
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A Christ-centered home & programs for young moms who are facing unplanned pregnancies or parenting young children.

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