Two new residents and their babies have moved into our Carlisle home; more have applied.

A resident received a long-awaited document; opens the door to a “green card” and employment.

Many report being blessed as a result of attending the fundraising banquet.

All of our speakers were effective in sharing their message and comments at the banquet.

So far, gifts and pledges from the banquet total over $137,000 (9% more than last year)!

For enthusiastic staff and several volunteers who assisted in hosting the banquet.

Ruth Harbor’s partnership with Life 107.1 to gift new bathrobes to clients in December.

Several new opportunities to present the work of RH to churches and groups.

Financial gifts for Ruth Harbor were recently given by members of a direct sales team.

Our resident’s Christmas lists have been fulfilled by several individuals and groups who are participating in our Christmas “Adopt A Resident” program.

Several have expressed interest in the Ruth Harbor Prayer Team.

Many individuals have committed to provide gifts for our alumna at our annual Christmas party.



Residents as they transition and continue to grow.

For our new residents to adjust to life in their new home; some with new jobs.

For the general health of our residents and House Parents as we enter the flu and winter season.

Opportunity for relationship building and mentoring with a resident’s boyfriend.

For recent alumna as they build on their Ruth Harbor experience toward healthy independence.

A resident learning to balance parenting and school responsibilities.

For transformed hearts of our residents.

Wisdom in preparation of 2019 budget.

For Certification by Iowa Dept of Human Services so we can serve minors at the Carlisle home.

Year-end giving opportunity for some of our Ruth Harbor constituents.

Gary Hoyt, Carlisle House Dad and his family; his father recently passed away.

Vacation travels and time away; Cara and Shawn (Dsm HPs) as well as Aimee (Office Mgr).

Staff as they engage and work with new team members; for continued unity and effectiveness.

Strength and wisdom some staff members as they support health needs of their parents.