Newest baby for Ruth Harbor resident arrived 7-10-19! Both mom and baby are healthy; there are no longer heart concerns for the baby.

This same mom & baby have returned home to supportive family who are eager to provide for her needs. Staff have ongoing opportunities to stay engaged with her and her church family is also supporting her including transportation to attend church.

An Eagle Scout Project resulted in raised funds to cover half of the cost to install a playground surface at the Carlisle Home, complete with benches.

A resident received word that her green card application fees have been waived.

A resident received legal services pro bono to complete a naturalization application, offered by an attorney and friend of this ministry.

Several staff members have enjoyed some vacation time this summer.

Projects completed this summer: Retaining wall and gutter covers installed at RH Des Moines & a driveway apron expanded at RH Carlisle.

A needed change of license with the State of Iowa has been completed and approved.



That the hearts of our residents will be transformed as they seek life change and growth.

Residents adjusting to new jobs & good health for children so moms can continue to work.

Recruitment efforts to fill key staff needs: House Parents…Lead (Carlisle) & Assistant (Des Moines) Staffing need (link). Spread the word!

Wisdom/discernment for Gary and Melanie Hoyt as they transition out of RH house parenting.

DSM House Parents grieving the loss of 2 family members; for their daughter and son-in-law who also learned of the unexpected passing of a friend.

Desire of our Board of Directors to add two individuals to their team as God leads.

Board Member Carmine Boal’s complete recovery and intensive therapy following a stroke.

For new and continuing Back Up HPs who are providing coverage when Lead HPs are off duty.

For God’s financial provision in the coming year (costs have increased with second home).

Staff as they engage and work together; for continued unity and effectiveness.

Planning for our annual fundraising Banquet is underway. Recruiting Underwriters this month.