A resident made a profession of faith!

A resident has been awarded custody of her daughter.

New growth and discipleship of our residents.

A resident graduated with high honors from a 2-month CNA internship; included certification.

Our new House Parents, Gary & Melanie Hoyt, have moved into the Carlisle home and are busy training and preparing the house for residents even in the middle of renovations activity.

Our Des Moines and Carlisle homes were not significantly damaged by the recent heavy rain.

Gabus Automotive Group selected RH as 1 of 4 charities to receive financial donations from auto sales in the month of July.

Opportunities to present Ruth Harbor to partnering churches and a community event.

A group of volunteers served by cleaning parts of the Carlisle home in preparation for our new House Parents to move in. They also helped with a weeding project and the move itself.

The fire sprinkler system has been installed in the Carlisle home and will now be tested.

Staff members are having opportunities to enjoy a few days of needed vacation.

Collaboration with our Des Moines home neighboring landlord resulted in a completed fence project. They provided the materials, we provided the labor.

Payton Davis completed a successful summer internship and soon returns to school.



Residents as they transition and continue to grow. One or two resident will graduate soon.

That the hearts of our residents will be transformed as they seek life change and growth.

One of our residents continues to look for a job.

Health issues for Madi, our House Parents’ daughter.

Our new House Parent Assistant, Alyssa, as she deepens relationships with our residents.

Safety as staff members have opportunity to go on vacation and be refreshed.

Our partnering agencies, supporting churches and community who experienced significant flood damage to their facilities.

Successfully secure a good estimate and contractor to complete concrete work at Carlisle home.

Continued patience as we await the certification process with the State of Iowa.

Staff as they engage and work with new team members; for continued unity and effectiveness.

Spiritual encouragement and growth from a summer camp experience being planned for clients.