Positive spiritual conversations with residents.

A supportive friend of RHM is serving as a Host Home for one of our recent graduates.

A supporting church included RHM in their Sock Drive.

A food pantry in Carlisle made recent diaper & formula donations with hopes to do it again.

A half of beef and some venison provided to RHM at a discounted rate.

Our need for a mowing team this spring has already been met; for both RH homes!

Protection for prayer team leader Jim McConeghey, who is nearly 100% after a minor stroke.

Another independent contractor has offered his time & skills to assist with needed projects.

Strong candidates have begun applying for our Financial & Database Coordinator open position.

Professional Development & Training provided for our RHM board and staff.

Remarkable recovery progress by board member Carmine (better eyesight & driving again!).

Through Senator Grassley, RHM was mentioned as a positive ministry for the congressional record (link).



A resident is due in a few weeks!

Potential residents we are interviewing.

New house parents, Matthew & Casey Stout, as they build relationships with our residents.

A recent RH graduate with 2 children experienced a recent setback with her vehicle.

A resident, who recently got her driver’s license, is seeking a vehicle to purchase.

That the hearts of our residents will be transformed as they seek life change and growth.

Good health for children so moms can continue to work.

Staff need: House Parent Assistant (Des Moines) Staffing need (link).

Staff need: Financial and Database Coordinator (start late Feb); wisdom as we interview.

House Parent, Cara Kunz, is recovering from shoulder surgery.

Staff team member Sandy; recently lost her brother to an apparent heart attack.

As God leads, our Board of Directors desire to add additional members to their team.

Board Member Carmine Boal’s complete recovery and intensive therapy following a stroke.

Staff as they engage and work together; for continued unity and effectiveness.