Three new residents have been admitted; one to the Maternity program and one with her child to the M/C program.

Successful implementation of our newly created COVID-19 protocol. No illnesses to date.

A minivan was donated to the ministry and will meet the specific need of one of our residents.

A supporting church and individuals brought Wish List (link) items needed.

Easter Basket Blessings were donated by supportive individuals for our young moms & babies.

Several deliveries of baby related items were received through AmazonSmile (link).

A new volunteer mowing team began their services at our DSM home.

RHM’s request for a “forgivable loan” as part of the Payroll Protection Plan was approved.

Several radio interviews (link) promoting our Walk & sharing our ministry were done via phone and did not have to be cancelled due to COVID-19.

Life 107.1 created a short promo and aired it consistently through the month of April.

Nearly 100 individuals have registered as walkers in our virtual Walk For Life Fundraiser & 33% of our goal has been raised so far!

Unexpected financial gifts when our need is great.



Adjustment for our 3 new residents who has been admitted.

Health for our current residents, babies, and staff amid this pandemic.

That the hearts of our residents will be transformed as they seek life change and growth.

Relationship-building between our House Parents and residents.

Another resident is seeking a vehicle to purchase.

Good health for children so moms can continue to work.

Pray for Volunteer needs (link): drivers, donation organizer, and office custodian.

Staff need: House Parent Assistant (Des Moines) Staffing need (link).

As God leads, our Board desires to add additional members to their team.

For Board Member Carmine Boal’s complete recovery and intensive therapy following a stroke.

Staff as they engage and work together; for continued unity and effectiveness.

Registered walkers as they continue raising awareness & funds in these final days before May 9.

As a result of recent growth and COVID-19, new financial support needed.