A resident has recovered well after having her wisdom teeth removed.

Transition and onboarding process for Tammy Davidson our new Program Director.

A new Back-Up House Parent added to our team.

A supporting church delivered Wish List items (link) they had collected for our homes.

God used hundreds of faithful supporters to raise $64,450; over 100% of our Walk For Life goal! Learn more by reading our Walk Results Email (link).

Continued opportunities to provide a ministry update in churches and groups. Many alumna joining in by sharing their life-change stories.

A supporting church deployed 2 teams to complete service projects at each of our homes. This included planting shrubs and landscaping.

Trees and shrubs, provided at a discounted rate.

Concrete parking lot project at our Des Moines Home/Office is nearly completed, leaving only some landscaping and a retaining wall to be done.

Roofing project at our Des Moines Home is completed.

Lowe’s of Altoona donated playground mats & installed a play set at our Carlisle Home.

Continued faithfulness of our board members; two have renewed their 3-year terms of service.



Key need: House Parent Assistant Staffing need (link).

Continued health & normal adjustment for our newest baby, mom & big sister.

Transition of new resident; has overcome cultural hurdles and family dynamics to enter RHM.

A baby, expected to arrive in July, has been diagnosed with a small heart defect.

A resident’s baby healing from a double ear infection.

For recent alumna as they build on their Ruth Harbor experience toward healthy independence.

For transformed hearts of our residents.

Board Member Carmine Boal’s complete recovery and intensive therapy following a stroke.

For new and continuing Back Up HPs who are providing coverage when Lead HPs are off duty.

For God’s financial provision in the coming year (costs have increased with second home).

Staff as they engage and work together; for continued unity and effectiveness.