Two residents gave birth in the past month… all are healthy and well.

Two new Christians (residents) are growing in their faith with the support of staff.

Two constituents created large gift boxes for residents and house moms.

Adopt-A-Resident Program (Christmas gifts for residents/alumna) was a great success.

A family collected and then delivered several items needed from the RHM Wish List.

A remodeling contractor donated his skills to install 8 new windows in the RHM office.

An individual contributed filters for our electrical panels and a company donated the installation of the filters designed to save electricity costs each month.

An opportunity to present RHM at an area church for the first time.

Another area church contributed to RHM for the first time.

Staff and board were able to hold in-person meetings with the help of Christ-Life Ministries.

A staff member is safe and sound after a fender-bender going home in a recent snowstorm.

Both house parent couples were able to take some of their earned vacation over Christmas.

We are at 96% of our $150,000 goal for this past fall’s Virtual Fundraising Event.

Many have made year-end gifts to RHM.

The Harris Business Group and two other individuals all made financial impact gifts to RHM.


For a resident who recently left RH to parent her child at home.

That a resident’s rapid growth as a new believer will continue.

For our direct services staff and their support of 4 past residents who left our program.

Good health for our current residents, babies, and staff amid this pandemic.

Staff relationship-building with residents so that hearts and spirits of residents will be uplifted.

Staffing need (link): House Parent Assistant (Des Moines) and Life Coach (Carlisle).

Pray for Volunteer needs (link): drivers and office custodian.

Two larger projects need to be completed; one at each of our homes.

Three new members of our leadership team are leaning into their new roles as board members.

That many will still watch, be blessed, and respond to the virtual fundraising event (link).