A resident started a new relationship with Jesus.

A resident earned a $3,000 scholarship for school.

A former resident has saved enough money to purchase a car.

Embrace Grace (link) hosted a baby shower for 2 of our Maternity Residents.

A staff member is working in the office again after working remotely due to her health.

A church small group provided spring cleanup at the Des Moines Home.

A local florist donated her May proceeds and a floral arrangement for Mother’s Day!

A girl’s scout troop assembled & delivered 12 baskets for moms & babies.

An Ankeny Christian Academy student group presented RHM with a check for funds raised.

A staff member’s grandson arrived prematurely; mom & baby are doing great!

Many individuals volunteered their time to help make our Walk For Life event successful.

About 150 people attended our Walk For Life Fundraiser in person (some others virtually).

The Walk raised awareness and $72,343, exceeding our goal by 16%!


Employment opportunity is needed for a resident.

Vehicles (by donation or for purchase) are needed for 3 residents.

A resident is currently making a decision between parenting and placing her unborn baby.

Good health for our current residents, babies, and staff.

A former resident navigating consequences of some poor choices; staff who are supporting her.

Adjustments required for a former resident adapting to her new location, program, and home.

Staff relationship-building with residents so that hearts and spirits of residents will be uplifted.

Plans for adding additional board members.

Discernment for next step(s) in expanding our programming to better meet client needs.

Pray for Volunteer needs (link): drivers and office custodian.

One larger project needs to be completed at RH Dsm.

Our leadership team as they cast a vision for the ministry and continue developing/guiding.