One of our new residents gave birth to a healthy baby boy. Both are well after a long labor.

Continuing growth and development of our residents. Others considering coming to RH.

A local church has raised the funds to purchase a 2nd home in Carlisle for us to care for residents!

A local Giving Club has contributed to RH.

More opportunities in the last couple weeks to share with groups and individuals regarding RH.

A church student group delivered several items of need listed on our Wish List.

A generous donor provided a night at a new Christian movie for residents and House Parents.

A school student group completed several inside and outdoor projects.

Spring-like weather allowed for phase one of our parking lot project to be completed.

Several baby related donations, and furniture for the 2nd home, were received.

Individuals who have contributed to the Legacy for Life Endowment Fund.

Volunteer groups have organized donated items in our basement and completed a large mailing.

First online donations for our Walk for Life have been received.

Walk for Life promotional materials have been received and our first mailing sent out.


Newer residents as they transition and continue to adapt to group living.

That a newborn at Ruth Harbor will appropriately gain weight and be healthy.

For the hearts of our residents as they seek life change and growth.

New staff as they settle into their roles.

Connecting with church liaisons, group leaders, team leaders to provide Walk materials.

Preparation for a planned giving event scheduled next month.

House parents; wisdom and insight as they support residents.

Two alumni who are struggling with some difficult circumstances.

Smooth and timely certification process with the State of Iowa over the next couple months.

Staff as they engage and work with new team members; for continued unity and effectiveness.

One of our partner agencies, Agape Pregnancy Center, as they seek an Executive Director.

Our own need for additional staff:

  • House Parent Assistant
  • Back-up House Parents
  • House Parents and House Parent Assistant for our second home