The zoning hurdle for purchasing a second home has been resolved!

A resident has a job training opportunity that will result in new employment.

Former resident has transitioned well into a host home; has a new job.

Small, but continuing growth steps of our residents.

Residents, babies, and staff are in better health (thanks for praying about this in January!)

The “Legacy for Life” Endowment Fund officially received its first contribution.

Others who have expressed interest in contributing to the Legacy for Life Endowment fund.

Several donations of baby and maternity items were received.

The sale of our secondary van and purchase of its replacement.

An Apple computer and an all-in-one Printer, Fax, Copier, Scanner were donated.

Fall banquet speaker and dates finalized (Thursday, Nov 15, 2018).



A resident who is now searching for new housing.

For the hearts or our residents as they seek life change and growth.

Wisdom and discernment in finalizing the purchase of a second house.

Walk for Life plans beginning for May 12 (mark your calendar, too!)

House parents as they support residents and lack consistent assistance for days off.

Diligence for staff team as they implement recently developed programming for residents.

Our need for additional staff:

  • Currently, a Program Director
  • Currently, a House Parent Assistant
  • Soon, lead House Parents for a second home