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Job Description: House Parent Backup(s) 

Organizational Mission
 (why we exist) 
Through grace, Ruth Harbor provides a Christ-centered home, programs and comprehensive services resulting in positive life change for young women who have experienced unplanned pregnancies. More than a shelter or home, Ruth Harbor is also a program which includes life-coaching, medical care access, counseling, spiritual guidance, education support, employment or volunteering encouragement, and parenting training and/or adoption assistance at no charge. Learn more at 

Environment & Culture 
(who we are) 
We are a team and fully support each other so that together we can accomplish more. We enjoy wit, humor, and comradery so working together is filled with laughter, however we are serious about working hard with everyone putting forth our best effort and paying attention to the details. If you are passionate about helping others and have a heart for reaching out, Ruth Harbor may be a good fit for you. Above all, we seek to live out the Gospel of Jesus Christ through the way we work and interact. 

 (living into our mission / overview) 
The House Parents literally live Ruth Harbor’s mission statement and are key in developing resident character, entailing constant mentoring, role-modeling, advising, etc. House Parents daily serve, support, love and supervise young women, modeling a healthy, spiritual, and moral, marriage and home. The House Parents set and maintain healthy boundaries and loving relationships for residents ages 13-23 within a family environment. House Parents must be mission-minded and have a vision for life-change and positive transformation for each resident. 

The House Parent Backup position is both challenging and rewarding, and reports directly to the House Parents, under the direction of the Executive Director. We are looking for House Parent Backups who can oversee the daily operations of the house while the primary House Parents are off-duty. Successful House Parent Backups must be able to provide constant resident supervision and display a willingness to enforce all the rules and guidelines set forth in the Resident Handbook. 

Female Backup House Parents with interest may be selected to occasionally provide overnight support for new moms during the first few weeks after their baby is born. During this time, Backup House Moms may assist new mothers in the Mother-Child Program who are caring for their babies. This help is intended as encouragement and coaching like many new mothers receive from family members. The support is not intended as a babysitter or nanny. 

 (specific areas owned by this position) 
• Be available to provide House Parent coverage in the house when the lead or alternate House Parents need to be off duty, i.e. vacation, usually scheduled in advance 
• Be open to being included in the on-call schedule one week per month in the event on-duty House Parents need extra assistance or coverage (for example in case of sickness, bereavement, or other emergency) 
• Under the direction of the full-time House Parents, House Parent Team is committed to create a Godly Christian home atmosphere, and maintain house life for residents including: 
  • Oversee the operation of the house including instructing and modeling desirable health and personal habits while demonstrating a desirable role model to residents 
  • Review with House Parents appropriate Care Plan details for each residents, noting any specific items to potentially address when starting shift; Share overview of house life with House Parents when going off duty, noting any challenges encountered or items to address 
  • Supervise residents’ daily chores and kitchen duties to teach responsibility and maintain the home atmosphere 
  • Maintain a daily log on each resident, indicating challenges, opportunities and progress 
  • Administer medications as directed by House Parents and maintain a daily medications log for each resident 
  • Hold residents accountable for their actions and discipline as instructed, recommending other measures to guide positive behavior such as a motivational system, lovingly reprimanding inappropriate conduct, and recording points earned at the end of each day/week 
  • Perform various tasks including answering the house phone and mobile phone, handling mail, recording petty cash, etc. 
  • Continuing devotions and Bible studies within the home 
  • Bring residents along to church when on duty on weekends 
  • Provide transportation for residents to appointments, school, volunteer or work opportunities using Ruth Harbor vehicles (At least one staff member or qualified volunteer will accompany residents to medical appointments) 
  • Prepare meals and give instruction in basic meal planning and food preparation 
  • Assist in family outings and recreational activities for residents, as instructed 

• Complete errands (gather supplies, grocery store, gas vehicles, etc.), as needed 
• When on duty at the House, be an active leader in the household conveying an attitude of availability 
• When on duty, perform tasks under the direction of the House Parents, as needed 

 (what you need to be able to do this job well) 
• Married Christian couple, or single woman at least 25 years of age 
  • Women with personal parenting experience may be considered for Overnight New Mom Assistance 
• Minimum level of high school diploma or GED 
• Capable of providing leadership and spiritual guidance to each of the residents according to her specific needs 
• Ability to recognize natural teaching opportunities and act upon them 
• Physically able to fulfill all responsibilities of the position 
• Valid driver’s license with good driving record in the case of transporting clients as needed using organization’s vehicle(s) 
• Provide contact information for four references including pastoral or ministry-based reference 
• Live in the Ruth Harbor home while on duty 

Strongly Preferred 
• Basic knowledge of first aid and safety and be able to obtain CPR certification 
• One year minimum experience involving supervision of a group of teenagers, or experience of a practical nature in working with youth 

Are you a good fit?
 (considerations for selecting the ideal candidate) 
Ruth Harbor places great emphasis on teamwork and supporting each of your coworkers. We require people to be a good fit with our philosophy of how we work as a team. We need people who are hard-working, consistent, and take initiative. Listening skills and critical thinking are paramount. Open-mindedness and being comfortable in giving and receiving feedback is essential. Being flexible with change and able to work in a sometimes-chaotic environment is necessary. Especially since Ruth Harbor is faith-based, all team members must ascribe to the Ruth Harbor Statement of Faith, be committed to the sanctity of human life perspective, and be capable of maintaining a neutral stance on the question of adoption vs. parenting. Must be a committed follower of Christ and be willing to share your testimony, with gentleness and respect as in 1 Peter 3:15. 

Additional Information 

Starting date: To be determined 

Job hours: This is a part-time position and includes overnight sleeping accommodations, meals and transportation while on duty. 

Compensation: Monday-Friday $150 per each full 24-hour shift. Saturday-Sunday $175 per each full 24-hour shift. Shifts worked while on-call receive time-and-a-half compensation.

Confidentiality: This position includes access to sensitive and personal information thus requiring a confidentiality agreement to be signed and honored. 
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